Cutting Costs with School Book Repairs

At Bookbinding Services Port Elizabeth, we believe strongly in protecting the environment, preserving our heritage and of course, book binding.

In all our years as bookbinders in South Africa, we have restored and repaired family Bibles, and have completed hundreds of school book repairs, through which we have helped our customers play an active role in protecting Mother Nature.

Book repairs South Africa

Every year thousands of trees are cut down in order to produce paper products such as books our children use for school, books we use for work and books used to tell tales of fiction and non-fictional stories.

The problem is, trees are also an integral part of our existence, they clean our air, soil and water, making earth the human-friendly place it is.

Often we forget just about how important trees are to us and many of us disregard our responsibility to the environment and the earths future.

Making Eco-friendly choices

We need to start making Eco-friendlier choices.

By choosing to repair old books, repair school books, and preserve heritage books, rather than buying new ones, you are making Eco-friendly choices.

School book repairs South Africa

Repairing books, repairing the environment

We are able to repair and restore any of your old books regardless of how bad their condition is.

What we have seen is that many schools destroy or write off books that are falling apart when in fact they can be repaired for much less than the cost of a new book.

Our book repair services include:


  • Book binding
  • Re-backing books
  • Re-casing books
  • Re-binding books
  • Resewing books
  • Recovering books


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