Book Restoration - Every book deserves a 2nd chance

The academic year can be tough, not only on the student but also on their books. And with the economy under such pressure, who can really afford to replace school books these days?

Fortunately, Bookbinding Services offers book restoration and repair to the whole of South Africa, making sure no damaged book goes ignored.

School boor repairs and book restoration South Africa

School book restoration South Africa

In all our years as bookbinders in South Africa, we have completed hundreds of school book repairs.

And what we have seen is that many schools destroy or write off books that are falling apart, when in fact they can be repaired for much less than the cost of a new book.

Our experienced team can repair and restore any of your old books regardless of how bad their condition is, even the most delicate of book binding projects is no match for us.

All our bookbinding work is done by hand, ensuring perfect, consistent quality binding that lasts.

When soft cover and fully bound books are rebound, and covered, they are given a new lease on life.

In most cases, we can retain the original cover, while loose pages and broken covers can, normally be repaired to make your book look as good as new, if not better.

In addition, we offer the following book repairs:


  • Bible repairs
  • Dictionary repairs
  • Cookbook repairs


Library Book Repair

Additionally, we offer library book restoration and repair, which demands high attention to detail, craftsmanship and the utilisation of durable materials.

By including each of these factors in our work, we can provide a longer shelf life, while preserving the value of books and documents.

Furthermore, we offer the following book restorations:


  • Book binding;
  • Book re-backing;
  • Book re-casing;
  • Book re-binding;
  • Book resewing;
  • Book recovering;


For more information about our book repair and restoration services, please contact us.

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