Custom bookbinding for Hotels, Game Lodges and Guesthouses

South Africa is home to some of the most pristine Game Lodges, luxurious hotels and guesthouses and thousands of visitors from all over the world nestle into these accommodations for the duration of their stay.

Some guests may come from the other side of the country or even the world to experience the warm hospitality of South Africa.

Regardless of where your guests are coming from, your main priority is for them to be comfortable and to have the most memorable experience possible.

More importantly, however, you want them to have a place where they can record their favourite moments or share their appreciation for your hospitality.

Not only will your guests feel good about leaving behind a written memoir for you to keep, but you will own a nostalgic collection of memories made with visitors from far and wide.

If you are an owner of a guesthouse, bed and breakfast, hotel or Game Lodge, having a guestbook can be considered standard practice.

What's better is having your visitors’ books personalised to create a guestbook that suites the overall theme of your accommodation.

Guest book binding South Africa

Custom Guestbook Binding in South Africa

Bookbinding Services in Port Elizabeth offer exceptionally high-quality bookbinding services that are customisable to suite your unique taste and ideas.

Guestbook Size

The first step will be to choose the size of your guestbook. For guestbooks left in each room, you would choose an A5 book or an A4 which is usually left at the reception where guests check in and out.

For the more extravagant or larger scale hotels or game lodges, the A3 size is most suitable and is traditionally left on a pedestal in the reception area of the venue.

Imitation Leather - Guest Book Binding

Book Cover

Step two involves choosing the cover for your book. All materials are available to cover any of the above-mentioned sizes.

Whether you prefer a personalised leather guest book or wooden book covers for the more natural look and feel, we have you covered.

Additionally, we have imitation leather binding, velvet and denim available. These materials can also be combined, giving you a wide range of choices to make your guestbook as unique as possible.

Wooden Book Cover - Guest Book Binding

Logo, Name and Date

The last and possibly most striking touch that can be added to your custom guestbook is your logo, name or date that you would like engraved on the cover and spine of your book.

Wooden covers are laser engraved and engraving on all other covers are heat foiled using either silver or gold foil. The perfect final touch to your fully personalised guestbook.

Additionally, we can also blind deboss the logo. This imprint method requires no foil.

Due to our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, we do not offer plastic bookbinding as part of our services. However, for information folders we use a very good quality plastic sleeve.

Leather Guest Book Binding

Bookbinding Methods

We are currently one of the only bookbinders in South Africa that still bind our books by hand. This is a long-lost technique that we have proudly mastered.

There are several binding methods available and our binders can advise you on the best method to use for your guestbook.

Bookbinding Port Elizabeth – Guestbook Binding in South Africa

For unique, customisable bookbinding services including high-quality guestbook binding in South Africa, contact us today.

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