What Bookbinding method is right for your project?

Bookbinding Services offers an array of bookbinding options – whether you need guestbooks, wedding photo albums, promotional pamphlets or even one of your favourite books rebound and repaired – we have got you covered.

Bookbinding Projects South Africa

But which bookbinding method is right for you?

Below is a list of the bookbinding methods that we offer. Please feel free to contact us, and one of our skilled bookbinders will gladly assist you with picking the best method for your bookbinding project.

Hot melt binding


  • Done by using a hot melt perfect binder.
  • This method is perfect for books that require a square spine, with a soft wrap around cover.


Cold glue binding


  • Glue is applied manually, using padding compound.
  • Great for both wrap around soft cover and full case cover books.
  • For soft cover books, the spine will be square, while for full case books, the spine will be rounded.


Full case binding


  • A full cover is made using one of the materials described above.
  • The content pages will be either glue bound or sewn.
  • The cover is then drawn onto the block (cased in).
  • Titles, names, dates, etc. can also be foiled onto the cover in either gold or silver.


Section sewing


  • Sections of the book are sewn together with cotton using a book sewing machine.
  • The book can then be perfect bound with a soft cover, or full case bound.


Bookbinding South Africa

Bookbinding Project Gallery

We’ve recently updated our bookbinding projects gallery. Please follow the links below to view our latest work. 



Printing Port Elizabeth

Although we do not offer printing as a service, we work closely with several great local printers. Therefore, if you require both printing and binding, liase with us and we will refer you to the best printer for your project.

Bookbinding Services South Africa

No matter where you are situated, our bookbinding services are available to you! We operate countrywide and have many customers outside of South Africa.

For more information about our bookbinding options, please contact us.

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