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For more than four decades, Bookbinding Services has provided a professional book binding service for legal professionals requiring law report binding in South Africa.

Furthermore, various magistrate offices and High Courts have turned to us for their bookbinding needs.

South African Law Report Binding

Law Report Binding Services

Due to the high page volume and professional nature of law reports, we ensure our binding practices result in an easy to handle finishing touch.

Most of our law report binding services involves the binding of several loose issues of South African Law Reports and Legal Journals into single bound volumes.

Types of Law Report Binding

There are generally two options when it comes to binding law reports:

• Half calf

o Leather is used for the spine as well as the corners

• Full case, imitation leather

o For this method, we use imitation leather such as Novalite or Skivertex to cover the book

How the binding process works

Generally, monthly issues of law reports are bound on a 2, 3 or 6 month basis.

To prepare the book for binding, first we strip of its cover and remove individual indexes and content pages. We then insert the cumulative index into the front of the book.

Before we begin binding, we check every book to ensure all the pages are there and in the correct order.

Once the book has been bound, we label the spine of the book with the correct title, volume number and date. A personal name or the name of a company can be gold foiled onto the bottom of the spine if required.

We bind the following legal books:

  • Labour Law Reports
  • The All South African Law Reports
  • South African Law Reports
  • South African Criminal Law Reports
  • Any other legal manuscripts and books

We do not use any plastic in our bookbinding processes and are proudly one of the only bookbinding companies in South Africa who still practice the art of binding by hand.

Law Report Binding – Bookbinding Port Elizabeth and South Africa

Our team of bookbinders is highly experienced and take every care to ensure your book receives the attention it requires.

Contact us to find out more about our professional law report binding services or any other binding services you may require.

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