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Many people consider their Bible to be the most precious book in their collection and it’s for this reason that we offer bible repairs as part of our book restoration services.

Bibles are special books that travel along with their owners for many years and are well-read, which means that eventually all Bibles become tattered.

Because of this, many Bible owners are reluctant to simply replace their Bible with a new one.

Bible repairs & bible restoration South Africa

Bible Repairs

We really understand and value the connection our clients have with their Bibles. Therefore, our Bible repair and rebinding services will restore your Bible to as good as new so that you can enjoy many more years of reading your favourite verses.

Our book restoration is done by hand, ensuring that every stitch is lovingly placed exactly where it needs to be.

Book Cover Repair, Book Restoration and Book Binding

Apart from Bibles, there are many other books that can hold extreme sentimental value to their readers.

This could be your favourite novel that you have read countless times, books that have been passed down for generations or family history books that hold precious information about your lineage.

All of these are books that may at some point need repairing or restoration.

We offer the following book repair services for your special book:


  • Re-backing
  • Re-binding
  • Resewing
  • Recovering
  • Re-casing


Book Binding Services and Bible Repairs

We take extreme pride in what we do and we offer only the highest quality materials to choose from.

With the choice of different cover materials, colours and binding methods, your restored book will look exactly how you want it to.

Furthermore, using different methods, we also engrave the relevant details on either the spine or the front of your book; gold foiling will be perfect for all Bible repairs.

Why not customise your book even further by having your name engraved on the cover or spine to make it extra special?

Whatever your book or Bible repairs, book restoration or book binding needs are, we have you covered.

We service the whole of South Africa by means of reliable, efficient courier services which we have used for many years.

All in all, you and your beloved book are in excellent hands, so if you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us.

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