Book Repairs in South Africa

At Bookbinding Services we are able to meet all book binding needs from around the country.

We understand that school library books and school textbooks are very expensive to replace.

Naturally as they are used daily they can easily become damaged and eventually unusable. 

What starts as small signs of natural wear and tear can easily become loose pages or sections and even torn book covers, and broken book spines.

The Solution is Book Rebinding and Repair

Quickly and easily restore your beloved Bibles, cook books, history books, or children's books.

We offer library book and textbook rebinding to universities and schools, business or personal.

When repairing books we ensure that only the best materials are used, adding many more years to the book’s lifespan.

An additional service that we offer is the binding of family histories.

We are happy to satisfy and meet individual customer needs and personal touches.

Please contact us for more information.


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