Northern White Rhino goes extinct - Bookbinding Services at World Youth Rhino Summit

At Bookbinding Services we often encounter a number of diverse bookbinding tasks.

We had the honor of being asked to make the book that was used at the Youth Rhino Summit which was held in Durban last year.

The purpose of the World Youth Rhino Summit was to gather one hundred young conservation leaders aged fifteen to seventeen years from all countries affected by rhino poaching.

The mission was to take such youth and encourage them to become Ambassadors for wildlife and conservation and to engage them in the conservation and protection strategies needed to help stop rhino poaching.

Rhino poaching has become a crisis in South Africa and smaller African and Asian rhino range states, with the Northern White Rhino now being extinct as of last week and other rhino species at the risk of becoming extinct.

Youth from the twenty different countries debated the current status of rhino and other wildlife poaching and this resulted in the signing of the World Youth Wildlife Declaration and a number of tough resolutions being formed.

Being able to take part in such a momentous event was our absolute pleasure and privilege.

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