Historical building houses Bookbinding Services South Africa

We have had a facelift!

But as we welcome the change we’d like to share some of the history from building no.59 Green Street.

It was built in 1895 by a Mr. Whyte. who dealt in hides and skins.

It’s original plans were very basic compared to the plans today.

The building still holds many of it’s original finishes, classic Victorian Oregon floors and ceilings with wide skirting boards, outside toilets, and an outside coldroom.

The outside rooms were added in the 1940’s making the total number of rooms 17.

It was then used for boarding purposes with Union Spinning Mills using it to house some of their staff.

Bookbinding Services Port Elizabeth

Today the building is owned by myself Mike Wood and is home to my book binding business.

We are one of the few remaining bookbinders in South Africa, conveniently offering our services nationwide.

We offer a number of book binding services such as:

  • We produce books in bulk, i.e. family album binding.
  • Binding of journals and periodicals into hard cover volumes.
  • Binding magazines and newspapers.
  • Thesis binding and delivery.
  • Repair damaged books.
  • Repair old and damaged school books.
  • Leather binding, i.e. menus and room folders for the hospitality industry.

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