A Personalised Guest Book for your Business

Recently, Bookbinding Services had the privilege of designing and creating personalised guestbooks for a number of the game reserves surrounding Port Elizabeth.

In keeping with the theme, each visitor book was bound in genuine leather, giving them a charming African bush look and feel.

Personalised leather cover guestbooks South Africa bookbinding

Personalised guestbooks are a great way to record positive comments and experiences shared by your guests, so that you can then pass these on to future visitors. 

Although we do not print ourselves, we are able to arrange quality, affordable printing on your behalf.

We have a number of book sizes available in either landscape or portrait:

  • A3 Book – this size book is often placed on a pedestal in the reception of a guesthouse or lodge.
  • A4 Book – this size book is typically placed on the front desk where guests check in and out, , alternatively these can be used as a wedding guest book. 
  • A5 Book – this size book is generally placed in rooms, offering a lovely personal touch.


Personalised guestbooks South Africa bookbinding

Bookbinding Services South Africa

We offer a variety of binding options, namely:


  • Leather book covers
  • Imitation leather binding
  • Demin book cover binding
  • Velvet book cover binding

We can then add in personal touches by adding your logo, personal names, and dates etc.

Additionally, we are able to work together with your creative guest book ideas to come with a solution that is unique to your business.

For more information about our bookbinding services, please contact us.

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