Quality Book Repairs and Book Binding South Africa

As schools shut down for the year and holiday season approaches us, Bookbinding Services would like to offer our book repair services to both schools and parents alike.

Book binding South Africa

Bookbinding Services South Africa

We know the struggles of damaged books all too well, not only are they expensive to replace but if not replaced, they are a hassle to store and maintain.

Luckily, we know how to repair a book or two, and our prices are just right!

We have several dedicated staff members who will carefully and lovingly restore your old and damaged books.

Bookbinding South Africa

Book Repair Services

We offer the following book restoration services:


  • Book binding
  • Book re-backing
  • Book re-casing
  • Book re-binding
  • Book resewing
  • Book recovering


We repair the binding of books such as:


  • Bible restoration
  • Hymn Books
  • Recipe Books
  • Dictionaries


Please Take Note

It is important to understand that it is very difficult to return an old book back to its original condition. In fact, we don’t know of anyone who can do this.

However, we will repair a book and try to retain as much of the original look as possible. Very often, parts of the book are missing –usually the spine. In this case we need to replace the part and as a result the appearance will change.

Sentimental messages and notes or dates on the end-pages are retained where it is possible.

Should you require a quote to repair a book, we would need to first see the book and assess the damage.

If you are unable to bring your book in for assessment, we will gladly accept photos. Please take several high-resolution photos of the book with the cover on, cover open and of its spine.

As long as the pictures are clear, we should be able to assess and quote you on repairing your book.

For more information please contact us.

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