Investment in new technology to improve service‏

At Bookbinding Services, we have recently installed an exciting new JMD Book Sewing Machine.

This new extra means that we are now even more exceptional in our service delivery and the standard of finished products.

Bookbinding Methods

This machine is used to sew sections (or signatures) together using thread.

This method of sewing sections/signatures, is also known as Smyth sewing.

The advantages of thread sewing a book, (as opposed to glue binding), is that the pages can lie open flat, as well as producing a book that is more securely bound.

For books that will be heavily used, or need to last a long time, thread sewing is recommended.

Thread sewing is also recommended for books that are printed on thicker paper and/or gloss paper.

We are able to sew books up to A3 in size, as well as A4 landscape.

For all your bookbinding needs, Bookbinding Services Port Elizabeth is here to help.

For more information please contact us.

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