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Is your family's history destined for a larger audience?

We often get bookbinding requests for family history books and thought it was fitting to give you a few guidelines on where to start with your very own.

The whole endeavor may seem quite challenging but with these useful tips it may prove easier than you thought.

Define and understand the focus of your family history book

  • You have the option of focusing your book on anything you would like - from a special member of your family or to a memorable event.
  • The important thing is to have something to focus it on or you could find yourself feeling a bit lost.

Divide & Conquer

  • Don't be intimidated by the amount of information you may have to go through.
  • A good approach is to break your project up into smaller projects and tackle each one individually.

Organizing Your Information

  • Organizing your information helps you understand exactly what the scope of your book is.
  • Assess the importance of your information and decide what you want in the book and what you don't.
  • This will also save you time when you begin your writing process.

Choosing the correct paper for printing & binding

  • (We do not do printing) But we will gladly arrange for printing if need be.
  • NB! Always make sure the grain direction of your pages run parallel to the spine of your book in order to ensure an easy-page-turn after binding.

Choosing the correct margin for binding

  • We recommend using a Gutter Margin of at least 1.5cm and about 2.5cm on the top, bottom and face edges to reserve enough space on the left for binding.

Set a deadline for your book

  • Many of us put the "pro" into procrastination.
  • Therefore it's always important to have a set date as a deadline for your family history project in order to stay on track and away from distraction. 

Bookbinder Services South Africa

At Bookbinding Port Elizabeth we are able to assist you with all of your book binding essentials.

We provide top-quality book binding services with a smile.

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