Quality Thesis Binding South Africa

It’s that time of year again, and no, we’re not talking about spring - although we are rather happy to say goodbye to winter. The time year we are actually referring to is thesis binding and hand in time.

Yes, Bookbinding Services Port Elizabeth knows this time of year all too well.

Thesis Binding South Africa

Thesis Binding South Africa

We offer thesis binding services at extremely competitive prices and a maximum turnaround of 5 days.

At Bookbinding Services, theses are glue bound using a high quality padding compound. The spine of the book is reinforced to ensure strength and durability.

Books can be bound in either genuine leather or imitation leather.

The title and author’s name are then heat foiled onto the book’s cover and spine using gold or silver foil. This type of binding is also known as case binding and is most commonly used for final thesis submission, and for personal copies.

It is important to note that the best paper for binding is standard 80gsm bond – the kind of paper used in a printer or photocopy machine. Gloss paper does not bind well.

Thesis Printing

Although, we do not personally do printing, we can easily arrange thesis printing for your convenience.

Bookbinding Services South Africa

We guarantee your work is in safe hands as we follow university layout rules and stipulations for binding theses, dissertations and treatise.

Additionally, we are able to offer students a convenient nationwide service, which recognises the importance and time sensitive nature of a thesis. Through the multitude of online communication channels, we are able to assist you, wherever you may be.

For more information about our services, please contact us.

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