Book Repairs

As bookbinders, we get requests to do a variety of projects – from binding a single personalized journal, to producing  10,000 diaries.

However, we have many requests to restore old books.

Many folks have a book or a numbers of books that have been in the family for years and are now showing the effects of age and use.

Covers often come adrift of the content pages, or the front cover may have broken away from the rest of the book, or the spine may be loose while the covers remain bound to the book.

Sometimes the front few pages of the book are loose.

At Bookbinding Services, we are able to REPAIR these books quite easily. To restore them to their original condition is often impossible; hence we say we will repair them to look as close to the original as possible.

When repairing old books, we usually always have to use new paper for end pages, or new leather/imitation leather to make up a new spine. Every effort is made to use paper and leather that matches the original.

While repairing old and broken books is not our main field of work, it makes up a large portion of what we do. We have two well trained bookbinders who specialize in repairs.

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