The Different Types of Bookbinding Methods

Book binding is a broad industry.

Some bookbinding companies offer services ranging from simple saddle stitching to thermal book binding, while others concentrate on providing more specific bookbinding solutions.

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To make sure you order the right type of bookbinding, it’s important to do a little research on the various bookbinding options available.

For your convenience, here is a quick overview:

Saddle Stitch Book Binding

This type of book binding is a commonly used method.

It involves folding the pages of your document and then stapling the document together across the fold.

This method works well for short manuals and event guides.

Paperback Book Binding

Bookbinders use thicker pieces of paper for your book cover, back and spine.

This method is cost-effective but it may not always provide effective protection to pages.

Hardcover Book Binding

Hardcover Binding uses the same principle as the paperback method however the cover, back and spine of your book are protected by a thicker sturdier piece of cardboard.

This method is more durable and will keep your book intact.

Coil Book Binding

This binding technique entails the continuous threading of wire throughout the length or width of a collection of papers.

This method works very well for children’s books.

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Regardless of which book binding method you prefer, it is important to make sure it is done by professionals.

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