One of the most frequently heard statements made by visitors to our business is: "I had no idea this sort of service was available!"

Visitors and clients are usually astounded by the samples in our foyer.  They lift the samples, examine them and ask again if we produced them! There is a perception that these bookbinding creations are made overseas.

Most of our business is obtained by word-of-mouth. We make sure that the end result is what the client expects and this has reaped benefits for us. I have learnt long ago that a poor product usually comes back to haunt you!

The next question that follows is: "Is it expensive?"  Many customers will ask me if I have quoted them the correct price as they were expecting to pay much more!

There is no trade available in this country to teach the skills required for bookbinding. All skills are passed onto the staff who also add their own ideas to make sure the product is done properly. Most of the processes that are involved are done by hand. We are one of the few bookbinders that can boast that our books are genuinely hand bound.

These days bookbinding involves more than just assembling a pile of papers into a book! Books can be custom made, various materials can be bound onto the covers, and clients can even design their own cover. Whether it is leather, imitation leather, denim, suede, or even a printed sheet, we should be able to bind it.

Menus, binders, files and other such products for the hospitality industry are also made to order. Logos, names, dates, addresses, etc, can be foiled onto the outside of the document. Whether it is one or a thousand, we don't have a problem.