It is that time of the year where students will need to get their theses bound. At present we are getting plenty of enquiries and requests for thesis binding.

One of the things that our bookbinders take pride in is the binding of theses. Very often students feature in the local newspapers with a copy of their thesis and our bookbinders take great joy in seeing their work in the papers.

Under normal circumstances it takes about 2 – 3 days to do the binding of a thesis. However, as it gets closer to graduation, we get swamped with theses (students do tend to leave things to the last minute).

Then it might take a few days longer to do the binding. It is advisable to call us beforehand and make a booking. That way we will ensure that your thesis is bound in 3 days.

Also, remember that we do not do any printing – please bring it to us printed, checked and ready to bind. And, use standard 80gsm paper – gloss and semi-gloss paper do not bind well.